Our Proven Maintenance Process

Full Service Commercial/Industrial HVACR

24/7 Service

3. Recommendations:

From time to time we'll catch service issues before they become service calls, and make recommendations including: changing contactors, replacing heat exchangers, fixing refrigeration leaks, changing gas valves, rebuilding blower assemblies, etc. add to the right


A little maintenance can save a lot of money!

Prolong equipment life and avoid down-time with scheduled preventative maintenance. Trouble-free, efficient performance of your HVAC and Refrigeration equipment can save you money, lost product and down time. A Coldmasters Maintenance Agreement gives you in-service coordination with plant maintenance personnel. Regular preventive maintenance inspection is designed to assure the long life and cost efficiency of you equipment and to prevent catastrophic failures. Our experienced, licensed technicians are trained to spot minor problems before they become costly problems, and we provide emergency service 24/7 for our established customers.

2. P.M. Agreement:

​Based on what we find initially, we'll propose a schedule to perform preventative maintenance. This agreement covers time on site and disposable materials like filters, belts and cleaners.

1. Initial inspection:

​Allows the service department to familiarize itself with your equipment, and bring the maintenance current.