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Coldmasters is committed to providing single source responsibility for our customers HVAC and Refrigeration needs. Our services include: repairs and retrofits, preventative maintenance, engineering services and complete installation of new equipment. We install and service the finest equipment in the industry to meet your exact requirements.

Located in Providence, RI Coldmasters is a family business founded by Martin and Betty Ann Israelit in 1976. Today, the team has grown to include over 30 service technicians, pipefitting and sheet metal installers, engineering and sales and office support staff.

Coldmasters understands your HVACR needs are critical to your business. Choosing Coldmasters for all your Refrigeration and HVAC needs gives you the confidence of partnering with a company whose first priority is your best interest.


Coldmasters is committed to providing exceptional quality. Routine maintenance calls are not just filter changes, but a chance for mechanics to look and feel and catch issues before they become problems. Installations are not just fast and cheap because we only use the finest materials and equipment and never take short cuts. We identify unique solutions to complex problems and strive to achieve the best balance of energy efficiency, reliability and life-cycle costs for each Customer.


We are technicians, apprentices, trades people, project managers, sales people, engineers and ultimately customer service professionals. We choose only the most highly qualified and licensed people to work with us and we take a lot of pride in our work. Together we design, build, service and maintain your facility as a well practiced team!

Planet Earth

Mechanical contractors are in a unique position to have a large impact on global environmental issues: global warming gases and energy consuming machinery are literally in our hands every day. At Coldmasters we are committed to the very best practices when it comes to refrigerant handling, leak detection and repairs. Furthermore we actively pursue opportunities to increase the energy performance of the buildings we work in – for the benefit of both the Customer and Planet Earth.